Becoming Warren Buffett

“I have a simple message to the teachers who will be using this documentary in class. What I tell students and graduate students is that when they get out of school they should look for a job they would take even if they didn’t need a job. I’ve found that doing what you love makes life wonderful. I hope my story can help you instill this lesson, along with a few others I’ve learned over the years, in the minds of your students. I have been asked immeasurable times what I would like inscribed on my tombstone. I always answer with a single word: ‘teacher.’” — Warren Buffett

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We encourage educators to utilize this guide however it can support individual instruction – in whole or in part, as it is written, or incorporated into existing lessons or syllabi.  The guide was created for secondary, university, and adult learners, intending to facilitate the use of the film in classrooms around the country, to inspire new perspectives on business, leadership, and social responsibility in the spirit of Warren Buffett.

Becoming Warren Buffett is a unique documentary.  It’s a film about business, but it’s not about balance sheets and stock advice.  It’s about moral leadership, doing what you love, and giving back.  It’s about family, forgiveness, and embracing change – and for one academic year, it is available to educators to stream online, free of charge.  Use it in your secondary classroom to teach standards in ELA, social studies, character education, media studies, and more.  Use it in your university coursework to support the teaching of business and economics in a whole new way.  Share this life story with your students, and inspire them to truly succeed  – by doing what they love, and doing it well.

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With a net worth of over $60,000,000,000, Warren Buffett is truly a one-of-a-kind billionaire. The legendary investor still lives in his modest home in Omaha. At 86 years old, he drives to the office every morning to manage Berkshire Hathaway, the fifth largest public company in the world. But more surprising than his humble lifestyle is his moral core. The same principles of decency and integrity that helped him pile up a fortune led him to give it all away in the largest philanthropic donation in history. Becoming Warren Buffett chronicles the evolution of a boy from Nebraska who became one of the most respected men in the world, and the heroes who helped guide him along the way. By allowing access to his life and never-before-released home videos, Buffett offers a glimpse into his unique mind to help us understand what is truly important when money no longer has meaning.

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